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Cesspool Maintenance

Cesspools Maintenance Services
We get it – maintaining your cesspool is a dirty business. But did you know that routine maintenance on your cesspool is the best means of preventing costly backups and property damage? Have one of our highly trained specialists perform maintenance on your cesspool today.

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  • Cesspool Service:

    Over time, grease, oil and non bio-degradable waste solids build up on the walls of your cesspool. This sludge build up prevents the water from filtering through the walls of your cesspool at the normal rate. This results in your cesspool filling up with water that then must be pumped out to prevent spillage into your premises. Our Cesspool Maintenance service will help prevent this build up, eliminating the need for high frequency pump-outs.

Failing cesspool warning signs you should never ignore… 

Foul smelling odors: If you’re experiencing the smell of methane gas (like raw eggs or sewage) coming from your drains or ventilation system, this might be a sign of blocked drainage. The remedy involves our cesspool maintenance and pumping service.
Damp patches around your septic pump: Are plants and weeds growing around your cesspool at an inordinate rate? This rapid or heavy plant growth may mean your cesspool is leaking and/or giving off too much moisture. It is often the first indicator that your drain pipes are too full or that there’s leaks or damage to your cesspool.
Clogged drains: Are your drains flowing at an alarmingly slow rate? Is your toilet consistently backed up? Have you already tried snaking and plunging with no noticeable change in drain flow? If so, this may mean your cesspool is failing to work as it should and it’s time for maintenance.

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The Clean Air Group folks are crucial in keeping my kitchens running smoothly. Always prompt, clean, and professional. They make a dirty job look easy.

A. Heaton, Cipriani Group

I rely on the Clean Air Group because they understand the importance of clear drains and functioning grease traps in my kitchen. I couldn't ask for more!

E. Darres, Le Bilboquet

Impeccably clean and courteous. Sal and his guys at Clean Air Group really have their act together.

E. Feldman, Lukes Lobster

Only Clean Air Group delivers as promised. From their oil recovery program to clearing my drains and traps, I turn to them for a job done right.

A. Bury, Planet Hollywood NYC