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Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection ServicesWhether you’re a big operation or a small shop, we’ll collect your used cooking oil for free, from anywhere in the five NYC boroughs. Our courteous and professional staff can assist in placing you with a proper oil storage container to setting you up with a scheduled pick up.

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  • FREE Used Cooking Oil Collection:

    From large venues to small mom and pop shops, our skilled staff will collect and retrieve your used cooking oil regardless of what floor you’re located on. All of the trucks in our oil collection fleet are equipped with powerful and lengthy pump hoses and/or portable vacuum units that will reach even the tightest of spaces, conveniently and without mess.

  • FREE Cooking Oil Storage Containers Placement:

    For your ease and convenience we can provide you with any of the following drum sizes including 35 Gallon drum, 55 Gallon drum and 250 Gallon drum. All of our used oil collection drums are made of high quality steel and are delivered clean and ready for immediate use. No drum on your premises? No problem! We can pick up the grease in your 5 Gallon containers, hassle free.

  • Scheduled Pick Up Times:

    Our route pick up times are strategically timed so that your used oil collection always occurs on time and without worrying about an overfilled container.

  • On Call Pickup Services:

    Need an emergency pick up off schedule? We can accommodate that too by a simple phone call to our 24/7 Emergency Service number.

  • Service Audits and Documentation:

    Each and every collection service to your shop includes a physical receipt for you and is digitally recorded on our backend systems so as to enable worry-free service audits from the Health Department and other city officials.

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The Clean Air Group folks are crucial in keeping my kitchens running smoothly. Always prompt, clean, and professional. They make a dirty job look easy.

A. Heaton, Cipriani Group

I rely on the Clean Air Group because they understand the importance of clear drains and functioning grease traps in my kitchen. I couldn't ask for more!

E. Darres, Le Bilboquet

Impeccably clean and courteous. Sal and his guys at Clean Air Group really have their act together.

E. Feldman, Lukes Lobster

Only Clean Air Group delivers as promised. From their oil recovery program to clearing my drains and traps, I turn to them for a job done right.

A. Bury, Planet Hollywood NYC