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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap CleaningCleaning your grease trap is not only important – it’s the law. As required, routine grease trap cleaning and maintenance by licensed professionals helps ensure proper drainage and prevents drain back ups or worse – serious fines.

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  • Grease Trap Maintenance:

    Most municipalities require monthly trap maintenance or cleaning. But depending on your size and volume, you may require a higher frequency of maintenance. Grease traps are designed to stop fats, oils, and grease from entering the sewer lines. When left unchecked, these fats, oils, and grease solidify and adhere to the inside of pipes, causing havoc on your drainage and sewer lines. This solid mass ultimately results in waste water and sewage water backup.

  • What we do:

    – Drain the grease tank of grease wastes on internal and external grease traps.
    – Clean and inspect all baffles.
    – Perform a thorough system test to ensure proper flow of waste water.
    – Dispose all material pumped from the grease trap in an environmentally safe manner in accordance to NYC laws and regulations.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service:

    Need an emergency grease maintenance service off schedule? We can accommodate that too by a simple phone call to our 24/7 Emergency Service number.

  • Service Audits and Documentation:

    Avoid costly fines through illegal disposal. We provide you (and government officials) full audit receipts proving chain of custody and proper disposal measures have been adhered to. This ensures that you and your shop remain in compliance according to NYC laws and regulations.

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The Clean Air Group folks are crucial in keeping my kitchens running smoothly. Always prompt, clean, and professional. They make a dirty job look easy.

A. Heaton, Cipriani Group

I rely on the Clean Air Group because they understand the importance of clear drains and functioning grease traps in my kitchen. I couldn't ask for more!

E. Darres, Le Bilboquet

Impeccably clean and courteous. Sal and his guys at Clean Air Group really have their act together.

E. Feldman, Lukes Lobster

Only Clean Air Group delivers as promised. From their oil recovery program to clearing my drains and traps, I turn to them for a job done right.

A. Bury, Planet Hollywood NYC