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Waste Oil Removal - Cooking Oil Recycling

Used Oil Pickup After Jonas Blizzard

With the Jonas blizzard dumping well over 24 inches of snowfall in NYC, we are reminding our customers on how to properly care for their used cooking oil containers if they’re stored outside.

  1. Carefully brush and remove any and all snow that has accumulated on or around the waste oil collection containers.
  2. Clear a path to the waste oil containers so that your staff and our staff could have an unencumbered means by which to safely deposit and/or get to the containers.
  3. Call for an early pickup if you suspect that your oil collection containers are full.

We are happy to announce that our Oil Collection Pickup Schedules are running on time and that we will be by to pickup your waste oil shortly. Don’t worry – we’re New Yorkers… like you, and we can get through anything hicjz7v.